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Schools can save money in many ways

...and the other schools are closed. No buses, no electricity and no breakfast and lunch with their ridiculous amount of wasted food. There are lots of ways to save money. At least the RCBOE is trying. Aaron Hobbs North Augusta, S.C.
Letters | Richmond County Board of Education
Performers try new aspect of musical theater in 'Grease'

...veteran performer with countless productions under her belt, Julia Morgan has never uttered a word on stage. Likewise Aaron Hobbs, a musician who has spent a substantial part of his life in darkened theaters, has yet to sing a single song from...

...Lawhead , Westside High School; Shahona Cobb , East Augusta Middle School; Rosalyn Cadle , Glenn Hills Middle School; Aaron Hobbs , Hephzibah Middle School; Rodney Williams , Langford Middle School; and Stephanie Gregg , Morgan Road Middle School...
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Variance in conditions can be like night and day for different anglers crappies, hybrids and striped bass. (706) 589-5468. - It's been a productive week for striper fishing. Aaron Hobbs, of North Augusta; Lee Trowell, of Aiken, and Charles Adams, of Warrenville, S.C., had to wait until the sun...
Quality fish still being caught in cold water

...with Daniel LaDow. They caught eight fish from 4 to 37 pounds on downlined herring. Jeff Keck, Christian Cox and Aaron Hobbs, all of Martinez, went down the river and caught a good mess of white perch, yellow perch and bream. They cast one-eighth-ounce...
Catch at creek is for everyone, even the birds

...week has been great overall. The front that came in early produced cold temperatures and high winds, but Mark and Aaron Hobbs, from North Augusta, and Kyle Hobbs, of Charleston, S.C., had a great time. They caught 25 fish on downlined...
Varying degrees of success

During an outing this week with William Sasser on Thurmond Lake, Aaron Hobbs (right), of North Augusta, landed a 21-pound striped bass. Charles Adams (center), of Warrenville, S.C., and Lee Trowell, of Aiken, also show off their catches. Adams' weighed 18 pounds.
Wayne Robinson (BROOKLYN, N.Y.)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Mr. Wayne Sylvester Robinson, 44, son of Mary Robinson Hobbs and Aaron Hobbs - his father, Freeman Davis, preceded him in death. Funeral service: Monday, May 7, 2007 at 2 p.m. at Harts Grove Baptist...