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College football resumes with tributes and tears

...ban on blimps, helicopters and small planes. At Notre Dame, where the Irish played Michigan State, president Edward A. Malloy offered a prayer for those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks and their survivors. "At such a time we draw upon the...
Notre Dame's football program put on probation for first time

...million annually, is not affected. Notre Dame said it will not appeal. "It's a sad day," said the Rev. Edward A. Malloy, the university's president. "I feel badly that this has happened, mostly because the behavior of some of our student-athletes...
Notre Dame believes it can become power again despite standards, schedule," he said. Don't wait for softer schedules or lower class scores. The university president, the Rev. Edward A. Malloy, said the school can win the way things are. "We never have and we never will," he said. "I think we can find...
Notre Dame enacts manufacturing ban

...Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and Qatar. The ban arose from a set of recommendations submitted to the Rev. Monk A. Malloy, the president of Notre Dame, in January. University officials took a few months to investigate which countries should...
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Overtime: Thurmond's Hillary to sign with Catawba

...Dame's first major scrape with the NCAA over rules violations. Wadsworth and Notre Dame president the Rev. Edward A. Malloy said in a statement Monday that Wadsworth would leave his post when his five-year contract ends this year. A specific...
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Notre Dame contemplates life in the Big Ten

...and athletically. Which way the university will go could be determined Feb. 5, when its president, the Rev. Edward A. Malloy, presents a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on affiliation with the Big Ten. Several "competitive and financial...
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'Line of Fire' tells two tales of one city

...ball," explains Malloy as he orders the man's hands crushed. Not that he isn't sensitive. When an FBI agent and a Malloy lieutenant kill each other in a shootout, he mourns like everyone else. "We all know he was a credit to us," says...
O'Leary repeatedly offered resignation

...That's when Nanni decided to get together a group of Notre Dame administrators, including White and the Rev. Edward A. Malloy, the university president. "We talked it through and looking at the details of the things we felt there was just a...