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...hydrogen as the field expands, attracting various manufacturers to capitalize on the growing market. Waste removal is a primary concern at the plant, as millions of gallons of waste and other Cold War byproducts are stored in underground tanks...

Southern states see opportunity with regional 2016 presidential primary

...it.Kentucky is dealing with another set of issues related to Sen. Rand Paul. The state GOP might end up moving from a primary to a caucus system to allow Paul the ability to run for president while not giving up his Senate seat.

Georgia Regents University enrollment numbers decline

...Regents.ASU also experienced consistent enrollment declines in the years before consolidation, but officials have said a primary goal of the merger was to reach 10,684 students by fall 2020 while continuing to recruit higher-caliber students...

Online resources cater to high schoolers studying college options

...it once was.In 1980, there were 3,150 colleges and universities, according to the Department of Education, and a primary factor for many students was location.Now, there are nearly 4,700 schools, many of which go out of their way to...

Republican Rick Allen targets overregulation in congressional campaign

...2012, losing the Republican nomination to Columbia County farmer and former State Rep. Lee Anderson by 159 votes in a primary runoff.He said through a lot of family encouragement he decided to run again and this time, after gaining commitments...

Nathan Deal compares Democrat Jason Carter to Obama

...Nunn in the U.S. Senate race focused on five words: "I defer to the president's judgment."The quote came during a primary debate at the height of a controversy over long wait times for medical care and other problems in the Department of Veterans...

Nine employees disciplined in academic fraud case at North Carolina

...independent study course enrollments in the department, the report said."By the mid-2000s, these classes had become a primary ? if not the primary ? way that struggling athletes kept themselves from having eligibility problems," the report said...

Free clinic will target LGBT patients

...of family medicine, will serve as medical director.Kriegel said the clinic will offer the standard services found in a primary care center such as physicals, preventative health screenings and treatment for acute illnesses.He said the clinic...

Drugstores, retailers dive deeper into vaccines

...shot, if the patient gives them the contact information, and their expansion into vaccinations isn't meant to replace a primary care doctor visit."It's all about providing our customers with access to affordable health care," said Danit Marquardt...

Students audition for James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils

...transcend into other areas of their lives, Jenkins said."We focus on performance, history and music theory, with a primary focus on the music and influence of James Brown, because he's the namesake of the program and really one of the most...