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Garbage questions

Residents of Augusta who have questions about the new city trash service should call public works at 821-5040 or Augusta Cares at 821-2300. Click on the graphic for a larger version.
News you can use

...NUMBERS TO KNOW: - Augusta-Richmond County: (706) 821-2300 - Administrator's office: (706) 821-2400 - Animal control: (706) 790-6836 - Augusta Cares: (706) 821-2300 - Extension Service: (706) 821-2350 - Health department...
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Let's take care of our city

...flooding issues in downtown Augusta.Let's continue to take good care of our city by contacting Augusta Cares at (706) 821-2300. We must be concerned about where we live and the upkeep of our communities, because we are all in this together...
More residents use counties' services,, or they can call (706) 821-2300 between business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m...a question or file a service request. Or call (706) 821-2300 between office hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m...
Cleanup starts with own home

...about an unsightly property that's possibly in violation of a city ordinance, call the Code Enforcement Division at (706) 312-5050, the Richmond County Marshal's Office at (706) 821-2368 or Augusta Cares at (706) 821-2300.
Litter in Augusta

...comp.asp - Columbia County Sheriff's Office: 541-2800 - Aiken County Public Works: 642-1533 - Augusta Cares: 821-2300 For illegal dumping: - Environmental Protection Division: 792-7744 Volunteer - Keep Augusta Beautiful: Call Derek...
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College survival guide

...Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department: 821-2901 - Augusta Cares: The City's Information and Complaint Office: 821-2300 - Columbia County Sheriff's Office: 541-1043 - Columbia County Emergency Services: 868-3303 - Columbia County...
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Augusta's problems get solved by a King

...55 Education: Graduate of Savannah Business School, 1969 Occupation: Augusta Cares Coordinator, hot line number: 821-2300 Family: Daughter Jennifer Kent, 32, of West Palm Beach, Fla., and son Jason King, 29, of Augusta Hobbies: Ballroom...
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Augusta's weather heats up

...Director Howard Willis said anyone with problems or concerns should call his department at 821-1155 or Augusta Cares at 821-2300. AIKEN COUNTY Call 211 for information and opening dates for cooling shelters.
City on watch for bad driving

...who is speeding or breaking driving laws, call Augusta Cares, the county's information and complaint office, at 821-2300, or mail the complaint to: Augusta Cares, 530 Greene St., Augusta, GA 30911 - To report a Richmond County sheriff's...