Diverse experiences shape first Harrison chair at Medical College of Georgia

...might not be showing polyps," Herline said. He is also working on a project for teaching anatomy that uses a holographic 3-D image of the body. Herline has a lot of respect for the body donation program ? his father was a body donor and is buried...

Retired Brig. Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver speaks at Innovation Summit

...methods led him down the path toward 3-D interactive and virtual instruction...2006, the military started building 3-D-augmented virtual reality programs...continued the work of training soldiers in a 3-D world."We can project a tank on the...

Augusta's Hagler Systems ready to ship massive project

...shop last year."To be successful and compete in northern Canada the way we've done, is we've tried to utilize our 3-D modeling to be cost-effective and high quality," Hagler said. Henry said the trucks hauling the dock will arrive at...

Innovation Summit returns to Augusta for third year

...featuring a keynote address by a retired general who now runs a 3-D educational technology firm.The summit will take place...USA, will be the keynote speaker. The company develops 3-D and interactive "reality technology" for educational purposes...

Georgia's new technical college commissioner makes first trip to Augusta

...proper cardiovascular care in the community, said Corbin was also concerned about whether Augusta Tech was up to par in 3-D computer technology."She is really focused on making sure that we are targeting our students towards the most demanding...

The Latest: Apple TV catches up with app store

...the iPad Pro for creativity tasks and health care - including an app for doctors to show patients what's happening with 3-D graphics.The starting price is $799, with 32 gigabytes of storage. By contrast, the iPad Air 2 starts at $499, but...

Crowded theaters build momentum for 3-D at home

LOS ANGELES - Fans scrambled to see 3-D movies such as "Cloudy with a Chance...Meatballs" in theaters this year and new 3-D televisions could soon have home viewers...and Panasonic Corp. plan to introduce 3-D-capable high-definition televisions...

Life & style
National Geographic makes 3-D splash

...something new in its August edition -- 3-D photos, including the cover. The cover...and inside the magazine a series of 3-D photos illustrate articles on Mars and...remains of the Titanic. It's the first 3-D cover for the magazine, which has a...

XXX Technology
3-D printer use gains popularity in Augusta region

...until a nut and bolt appeared.The 3-D printer that created the matching hardware...of Augusta 3D Printing.High-end 3-D printing operations have existed since...and home repairs.The Association of 3-D Printing, which has 1,200 members...

New prosthetic "trooper" arm built with 3-D printer surprises Augusta boy

...months ago, Peterson put together his 3-D printer, which can print out plastic...doing that online where you are using 3-D printing to help aid robot design...an online community of people with 3-D printers who use them to make prosthetics...