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Monsanto prepares for OK of milk-boosting hormone

...and shoes to keep from contaminating the hormone. "It's all closed up," Mr. Castillo said. "At no time can you see (the product)." Business Editor Damon Cline contributed to this article. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Mishaps strike downtown street

...carried him from the second floor so he could be taken to the Medical College of Georgia Hospital, where he is in good condition. "He was lucky," Lt. La Pan said. "It could have been a lot worse." Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Emergency workers urge precautions

...cold front moves into the area, said Al Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765. Staying cool Heat related illnesses can range from sunburn to heat stroke, and symptoms include fever, headaches...
Cheaper plane tickets bypass Augusta airport

...Atlanta." Delta offered discounts that expired July 8 to travelers purchasing tickets on the Internet, and the publicity kept AAA Travel in Augusta busy last week, said Heather Warren, travel manager. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Metro | Augusta Regional Airport - Bush Field
New church takes Communion

...the church's first Communion service was like coming home. "Paine College was great, but it wasn't home," Burt Thomas said of the church's temporary worship facility. "This is home." Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Metro | Augusta State University | Paine College
Crewman kept squadron aloft

...he still has the leather gloves. His experience isn't something he regrets, but the memories, both good and bad, will always be with him. "It's not something I would ever want to do again." Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Summer ushers in storms

...he said. "We're hoping to have the riverwalk cleaned up by July Fourth," he said.. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765 or Amy Swann at 823-3338. Storm facts According to the National Weather Service, thunderstorms average about 15...
Arts council selects recipients of awards

...selection committee chooses from that pool. "To me, it's clearly an honor to be nominated," Mrs. Durant said. "It's quite and honor that someone took the time to fill out an application form." Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
Veterans of Korea recall war

...were set free will always stick in his mind. And when he talks with families of those killed or missing in action, he said, he has one thing to tell them. "Every one of them is a hero," he said. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765.
AIDS educators urge testing

...with us, and it's not going away, so you want to know about your status," she said. Reach Teresa Wood at (706) 823-3765. AIDS in Georgia and Augusta Georgia ranks eighth in the number of AIDS cases in the United States, and the Augusta...