Ask us: Gypsies originated in India

Q: How did Gypsies get their name? A: The word Gypsy comes from gypcien, short for Egipcien, or Egypt. The Gypsies were originally thought to have wandered...believe they originated in India. Gypsies are known as musicians and fortunetellers...

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Gizmo Gypsies produces storybook software for kids

...95 and Macintosh platforms from Gizmo Gypsies Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif. The Little...it's an impressive debut for Gizmo Gypsies, made more so by a reasonable $29...video and CD-ROM specs as the PC. Gizmo Gypsies hopes to be hitting the major software...

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Rights groups urge Greece to improve treatment of gypsies before Olympics

...conditions for over 100,000 gypsies living in poverty before the...The plea followed a tour of gypsy settlements around Athens and...The tour included areas where gypsies were forced off land used to...help." More than 120,000 gypsies live in Greece, according...

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Athens works to complete preparations

ATHENS, Greece -- On a hillside where gypsies used to live outside this ancient city, a concrete maze of buildings is taking shape as workers scurry to finish the dusty road...

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Blasts Austin Rhodes' Hitler remark

Use the words "Holocaust" or "Hitler" and you are taken to a time when 6 million Jews, Gypsies and disabled men, women and children were murdered. This was a period when a whirlwind of evil swept the Earth and its horrors...

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Racing gets prepared for full weekend

...posted a common sign out front a week ago: No Vacancy. Motor homes, tents and gas grills created a horizon of high-octane gypsies on a pilgrimage of speed and noise. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, but to gear heads around the country...

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Belittle criticism of Holocaust film

...Christian conscience" are offended by this, yet they kept quiet during the Holocaust - where 6 million Jews, 2 million Gypsies, and over a million other "undesirables" were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis. The same Americans who feel depictions...

Program aims to protect forests from gypsy moths

...in the Northeast since 1970, European gypsy moths are munching their way across U...forests while the even more destructive Asian gypsy moth has been detected in western states...say the voracious plant-eating European gypsy moth eventually will reach as far across...

'Gypsy' returns to Broadway

...important things to worry about - getting "Gypsy," starring Bernadette Peters, ready...And I've used every day of it." "Gypsy" is the show-biz saga of Rose, the...the most famous strippers of all time, Gypsy Rose Lee. It's a classic American musical...

New set provokes new view of 'Gypsy'

...community theater will open its production of Gypsy at the Jabez Sanford Hardin Performing...Although the organization has staged Gypsy several times, this is the Players' first...the titular role of Rose's daughter, Gypsy Rose Lee. The last time Ballas played...

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